• St. Timothy's... Past and Present
      In the beginning...
      St. Timothy's in the Spring
      Easter Sunday 2010
      The framework
      A look at the framing of the Church and baptisty
      Stained Glass Windows
      Symbol of the Resurrection
      St. Tim Statue
      Our patron saint, St. Timothy, watches over us as we come and go from Church!
      The baptistry
      Stained Glass Windows
      Images of the Apostles in the large stained glass window in our gathering space
      The (concave???) roof supports
      Celebrating Confirmation
      Passion Play 2012
      The steeple
      Stained Glass at St. Tim's
      Chi Rho symbol
      Vacation Bible School
      Youth of the parish join in to provide music at VBS!
      Bingo team
      Raising the banners
      St. Timothy's 25th anniversary Mass
      Fr. Scanlan with parishioners
      Fr. Dwyer scholarship recipients, 1994
      Passion Play 2012
      Jesus Carries His Cross
      20th anniversary committee
      Every good person is backed by a good committee!
      Raising the banners
      St. Timothy's 25th anniversary Mass
      Stained Glass
      The Loaves and Fishes
      Altar Server Installation, 1978
      Mary Statue
      Epiphany Celebration
      Youth help to serve the dinner at our Epiphany Celebration
      Guild of St. Timothy
      Fashion Show 1991
      Epiphany Celebration
      Parishioenrs enjoy the meal at our Epiphany Celebration
      Variety Show audience
      The arrival of a wise man's entourage at our Epiphany Celebration
      Youth Ensemble at Epiphany
      Our youth ensmble lends their talnet at our annual Epiphany celebration
      Variety Show cast
      Epiphany Celebration
      Children's choir sings at Epiphany!
      Vacation Bible School
      Outdoor games.. the parachute!
      Vacation Bible School
      Indoor celebration of the Word of God
      Stained Glass Windows
      "Behold, the Lamb of God."
      Passion Play 2012
      The entire ensemble poses before their presentation.
      Epiphany Celebration
      Flock of sheep and their shepherds at our Epiphany Celebration
      Mary the Mother of God
      This Mary statue graces the interior of the Church
    • Welcome

      St. Timothy Catholic Church
       650 Nichols Street
       Norwood, MA  02062
       (781) 769-2522
       (781) 769-9362 [fax]

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      the parish office

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      The Catholic Community of St. Timothy serves areas of Norwood, Walpole, Westwood, and all who come to our door. The serenity of our waterfront church property is a natural reminder of all the gifts that God has given us.
       It is our vision, as a Eucharistic people, to come to know and love Christ, to proclaim his teachings through word and deed, to worship together and to minister to one another. We strive to form a supportive and generous faith- filled community. We seek to bear witness to Christ's presence and compassion to all by our service to our sisters and brothers.


      Jesus himself, gives the mission to us:

      "Go therefore, and make disciples
       of all nations,
      baptizing them 
      in the name of the Father, 
      and of the Son, 
      and of the Holy Spirit,
      teaching them to observe all 
      that I have commanded you.
      And behold, I am with you always, until the end of the age."

      (Matthew 28:18-20)

      Weekend Mass Schedule: 

      Saturdays, 4:30pm; 
      Sundays, 8:00am, 9:30am, 11:00am 
      and 5:00pm (From the Sunday after Labor day until the Sunday before Memorial Day weekend.)

      Weekday Mass Schedule: 

      Monday - Saturday, 9:00am Mass


      Saturdays 3:30-4:00pm

      Exposition of Blessed Sacrament

      Fridays 9:30am-3pm